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    2 5 6 8 10 14 22 24 38 48 Director'Message s Academy History Academy Governance Senior Staff Programmes on Offer Entrance Requirement Application Procedures School of Dance School of Drama
    校长序言 学院历史 学院监管 高级职员 学院课程 入学要求 入学申请 舞蹈学院 戏剧学院
    School of Film and T elevision 电影电视学院 School of Music School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts 音乐学院 舞台及 制作艺术学院
    Undergraduate and Post-Secondary Programmes 2012 - 2013
    60 78
    Chinese T raditional Theatre 中国戏曲 人文学科 语文系 学习精粹 学生服务 校园设施 学费及资助 演艺进修学院
    100 Liberal Arts Studies 103 Language Studies 105 Study Highlights 112 Student Services 114 Campus Facilities 117 Fees and Financial Aid 119 Extension and Continuing Education for Life (EXCEL)
    学士学位及大专课程 二○一二 至 二○一三
    Professor Kevin THOMPSON OBE, former Principal and Chief Executive of Dartington College of Arts, a university sector college dedicated to performance a rt s, wa s a m e m b e r o f t h e Prime Minister ' s High Level Steering Group on International Education. He was appointed Principal of the Birmingham Conservatoire on inauguration of the new Conservatoire in 1989, and was subsequently appointed Principal of Dartington in 1993. Besides working as head of an institution, he is a conductor, composer, and trumpeter.
    Professor Kevin Thompson, OBE Director of the Academy
    汤柏燊教授 演艺学院校长
    汤柏燊教授为前达灵顿艺术学 院校长及行政总监,学院为一 所专注演艺的大学学府.汤教 授曾被英国首相委任国际教育 的智囊团成员.汤教授自1989 年起担任伯明翰音乐学院之创 校校长,其后於1993年担任达 灵顿艺术学院校长.除了从事 学院的管理工作外,汤教授亦 是指挥家,作曲家及小号演奏 家.
    Director's Message
    The Academy is like no other place. It offers a unique blend of tradition and innovation, drama, music, dance, theatre and entertainment arts, lm and television, liberal arts and a distinctive programme in traditional Chinese theatre. Here is an exceptional community of practitioner-teacher-scholars. Our professorial team is both a professional faculty and a faculty of professionals. It is an environment charged by energy; where the excitement is palpable. It is outgoing, creative, collaborative and practical. Nothing is sacrosanct, save for a commitment to excellence. Our graduates understand the challenges which lie ahead. They collaborate easily with others and engage with many audiences far and wide. They are talented, of course, but also they have the condence to lead. Most importantly, they are determined to succeed. You will glimpse something of the Academy élan, its energy, tempi, and zeal for success, through these pages. But the Academy is only truly experienced live, through the creativity and dynamism of its ve remarkable schools: dance, drama, film and television, music, theatre and entertainment arts, and its unique programmes in Cantonese music, opera and theatre. If you are involved in the arts to the extent that nothing else really seems to matter, if you are stimulated by the buzz of Hong Kong, by working side-by-side with others in pursuit of excellence, connecting internationally, regionally and with the local community, then come and see the Academy in action. I promise you will not be disappointed.


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